Index - Abroad - EU says Lukashenko is using people as weapons against the EU

Index – Abroad – EU says Lukashenko is using people as weapons against the EU

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is using people as a way to attack the European Union – announce European Commissioner for Home Affairs Elvan Johansson.

Johansson noted that, according to the accusations of Lithuania and Poland, Minsk is sending organized migrants to the borders of the Union. This is due to the fact that Minsk suspended its anti-immigration treaty with the EU after the EU imposed sanctions on the EU. Ryanair hijacking Belarusian authorities Belarusian defector.

Suppose the alleged state-controlled Belarusian immigration, Lithuania is 550 km border fence Poland also announced that its height is two and a half meters building a fence Shared border with Belarus.

While the EU Home Affairs Commissioner criticizes Minsk for dehumanizing refugees and migrants as the target of an “EU attack”, two weeks have been wasted about 50 hungry and thirsty people on any land between Poland and Belarus. Asylum seekers in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are banned by the Belarusian soldiers on the one hand and the Polish authorities on the other.

The construction of the Polish-Lithuanian border can be justified in view of the fact that only 2,000 people entered Poland illegally in August. The other issue is that Poland’s ruling Justice and Justice Party could do well on this issue, building up political capital from working hard on illegal immigration, which is evidenced by the “strengthening” of dozens of people stranded in a land no nobody. The situation can only be good for PiS because it is The ruling coalition disintegrated.

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