Index - abroad - Entrepreneurs revolted, opening stores in Poland

Index – abroad – Entrepreneurs revolted, opening stores in Poland

The Warsaw government announced that it would continue its restrictive measures until at least the end of January, but contractors who were forced to close due to the restrictions met their miserable fate and said they would reopen their doors despite the extension of the lockdown.

Restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums, hairdressers and beauticians simultaneously announced that they would open their businesses by January 18 at the latest.

a Business Insider Polska Books based on the article napi.huMost entrepreneurs already feel they have gone to the wall, “they are consumed by the building rents, the repayment of loans, and they fear insolvency and the loss of their jobs.”

The revolt against the cabinet is not an opportunity for Polish businessmen, as a court recently ruled in favor of opening a hairdresser, saying the lock was invalid because it was issued by decree of the Polish government, rendering it unconstitutional.

Businessmen say society is on their side.

Entrepreneur action “we open!” Advertised with a password. At the time of their announcement, they assured everyone that they would take care of the safety of their guests and customers by adhering to strict health rules. They said that they said, “Everyone has the right to work, and everyone has a family, and loved ones to provide for and are responsible for them.”

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