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Nothing expresses how much they expect better today in England than that this date It has been referred to as “Freedom Day” for several months. Nightclubs and theaters have opened, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors, the one-meter social distancing obligation will be abolished and travel will be freer.

And all this happens when the Delta virus spreads rapidly in the island nation, and Health Minister Sajid Javid says the number of new infections could jump into the hundreds of thousands a day. However, Johnson’s government opened up, saying that more than two-thirds of the population (67 per cent) had already received the two vaccines. According to the head of the Ministry of Health, the chain between the virus, hospitalization and deaths has been broken, as most people who have been vaccinated but contracted delta can only expect a mild course of COVID-19 disease.

Sajid Javid has had to illustrate all this with his own example, as on Saturday he said he had tested positive for the virus, even though he had already been vaccinated twice. The news immediately sparked a political scandal, as Health Secretary Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak previously discussed which meant they should have self-isolated under the rules. However, the two politicians first argued that they were participating in a tried and tested testing program in the transportation sector, and therefore would not stay at home.

No more opposition and a section of the public should be angry, and they immediately began to investigate why prominent politicians did not obey the rules.

Both announced that they would remain in quarantine for ten days, as it was important for them to prove that they follow the same provisions as the residents.

This political scandal has somewhat diverted attention from the opening itself, although prominent British doctors consider the relaxation to be dangerous and premature, and warn that safety distance has just been reintroduced in similarly vaccinated Israel due to an increase in the number of cases.

Advice for Hungarians traveling to England

According to the consular service, travel to England is a matter of individual responsibility and decision, but Hungary does not recommend travel to the island country due to the pandemic. They know that too

  • Vaccination does not currently exempt foreign immigrants from meeting any entry requirements,
  • A coronavirus test is required before and after traveling to the country,
  • A negative pre-entry Covid test result (PCR or antigen test) must be submitted to the British Border Guard at the latest, but may be requested by the airline upon boarding,
  • Only test results issued in English, French or Spanish will be accepted,
  • Within 48 hours prior to arrival in the UK, registration must take place on an online interface: by clicking here Available.

For detailed information on entry rules to the UK Here You can find out.

(Cover Photo: People wait in front of the Egg London nightclub in England on July 19. Photo: Rob Pinney/Getty Images)

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