Index - Abroad - Dutch coalition talks have stalled due to coronavirus

Index – Abroad – Dutch coalition talks have stalled due to coronavirus

Negotiations to form a new Dutch government collapsed on Thursday after Kajsa Olungren,

The politician responsible for leading the coalition talks tested positive for coronavirus.

Olungren, the interior minister in the current caretaker government and a politician in the Liberal Democrats 66 (D66), has been placed in quarantine. Government members were tested after the accident,

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has not been infected with the Coronavirus.

For the time being, it is doubtful that negotiations will continue to form a new government.

The liberal conservative VVD party led by Mark Rutte, winner of last week’s Dutch elections, could form a government for the fourth time. Of the 150 seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, the VDD has 34 seats. The second-place D66 Berle won 24 seats. The parliamentary majority requires 76 seats

Roth must form an alliance with at least two parties.

Analysts say the third party is likely to be the Christian Democrats, which won 15 seats. Rutte did not rule out the possibility of joining the coalition, either with the far-right party answer 21 (JA 21), which managed to gain 3 seats, or with the Christian Union of Strict Protestant Principles, which entered the Dutch legislature. With 5 seats.

Each of the major parties firmly ruled out the possibility of allying with the third most radical and anti-immigration party, the Freedom Party.

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