Index - Abroad - Donald Trump is ready to witness the Capitol siege

Index – Abroad – Donald Trump is ready to witness the Capitol siege

MTI reports that he is willing to testify regarding the January 6 blockade of the legislative building as part of a lawsuit brought by former US President Donald Trump against the internet giants over the cancellation of his accounts.

I’m really looking forward to it. I like to talk about election fraud because it was the most rigged election. The lawsuit will be about everything, including the election

Trump said in an interview with The First channel online Thursday evening.

The former president announced on Wednesday that he has filed a lawsuit against the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as three internet giants, for allegedly illegally blocking his accounts. In response to the presenter’s question, Trump said he’s ready to testify in court, including about the Capitol blockade.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube banned Trump’s accounts after fans of the then-president surrounded the US legislature on January 6 after an incendiary speech. In the Capitol, the Senate was about to ratify the results of the November presidential election that brought Democrat Joe Biden to victory. Five people were killed in the clashes, including a police officer. Trump did not admit his defeat and wrote on his social media pages that the elections were rigged.

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