Index - Abroad - Donald Trump is again nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Index – Abroad – Donald Trump is again nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Former US President Donald Trump was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Estonian European Parliament Member. Jack Madison, a member of the conservative Estonian People’s Party, announced on his Facebook page on Monday that since MPs can also run for the Nobel Peace Prize, he seized the opportunity.

He argues that Donald Trump was the first president of the United States in thirty years during which the United States did not start a single war.

He also concluded some peace agreements in the Middle East under his leadership, which contributed to the establishment of peace and stability in the region.

Donald Trump has already received several Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Last September, led by Australian law professor David Flint Australian lawyers A group took the initiative, also claiming that Trump did not initiate wars and persuaded the UAE and Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel. Norwegian Representative Christian Tiebring nominated Jedi Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for Middle East agreements, and Swedish Representative Magnus Jacobson announced his candidacy for the prize for the normalization of economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

In addition to Trump, Nobel Peace Prize nominees include the Black Lives Matter anti-racism movement, Reporters Without Borders (MSF), Hong Kong’s Free Press Portal, the Global Vaccine Association for Vaccines and Immunization, and former Belarusian presidential candidate Svatlana Senahoszkaya.

Foreign Minister Peter Cigaro previously said It would be a shameIf the former US president did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The name of the prize winner will be announced in October.

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