Index - Abroad - devastating report: Ukraine's military operates its weapons systems in hospitals

Index – Abroad – devastating report: Ukraine’s military operates its weapons systems in hospitals

Earlier, the pro-Russian portals already reported that the Ukrainian army deliberately set up its military bases in civilian buildings and placed its weapons in the stadiums of urban apartment complexes. He also once wrote that the Ukrainians also set up a military post in the main building of the public administration in Kharkiv, but the Western public did not believe Moscow so much.

The A recent study by the NGO Amnesty International He confirms these reports, saying: “Schools and hospitals are used as bases by the Ukrainian army.” The authors described the “Ukrainian military endangering the lives of Ukrainian civilians by establishing military bases and operating various weapons systems in residential areas, often in schools and hospitals,” the authors reported. Today is the seventh Highland Gate.

They also added it with this

The Ukrainians are violating international human rights at many points and causing civilian deaths.

The organization also highlights that the responsibility does not always fall on the shoulders of the Ukrainians, because according to its investigations, the Russians in several cities – especially around Kharkiv – attacked civilian infrastructures without a nearby military target.

Over the course of three months, Amnesty staff found a total of 19 settlements in which Ukrainians continued to use civilian infrastructure as a cover combat action. As they found out, in many cases the Ukrainians had other options. Moreover, according to the organization, in practice

Not once did they conduct the evacuation of the civilian population prior to their occupation of combat positions.

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Amnesty staff visited a total of 29 schools – located right in the middle of residential areas – near the front, and in 22 of them they found soldiers or former soldiers. for combat action suggestive evidence. Although the relevant laws do not prohibit the use of closed schools for military purposes, such buildings cannot be erected in residential areas from which residents have not been evacuated. According to investigations, this never happened.

(Cover Photo: MTI / EPA / Sergey Kozlov)

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