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Index – Abroad – Devastating bushfires in Australia have claimed more lives

Index – Abroad – Devastating bushfires in Australia have claimed more lives

According to the Australian authorities’ report on Thursday, the fire has already destroyed 11,000 hectares. The fire claimed the lives of several people. The most affected settlement is Tara, which is 300 kilometers from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland state, and surrounding areas. there

As a result of the fire, a man died on Wednesday while trying to extinguish the burning house, and on Thursday, an elderly woman suffered a heart attack during the evacuation.

Queensland firefighters are battling dozens of different fires, and have found a total of about a hundred fire dens, MTI wrote.

Due to high temperatures and strong winds

According to the authorities, the situation is not expected to improve in the coming days.

In the meteorological forecast, an improvement is expected only by the end of the week.

Fires were also reported in New South Wales, which borders Queensland. Many of the fires were caused by lightning, the NSW Fire Service reported on social media

In Australia, where forest fires are common in the period starting in November, due to the El Niño weather phenomenon, it is witnessing more drought than usual.

The continental country experienced the so-called “Black Summer” in 2019 and 2020. An unusually strong heat wave claimed 33 lives, and devastating fires destroyed about 24 million hectares of land.