Index - Abroad - Demonstration against the new Polish media law, nearly two million people sign the petition

Index – Abroad – Demonstration against the new Polish media law, nearly two million people sign the petition

Until our article was published 870 thousand (to update: 1.9 million) on a petition calling on Polish President Andrzej Duda not to sign the mediazabályozástAccordingly, at least half of media companies owned outside the European Economic Area will not be allowed to operate in Poland, making it legally impossible for the government – critical of TVN24, owned by US Discovery Inc. .

The case is over It has been running since July, critics viewed the bill from the start as an intent to make TVN24 impossible. Then the channel moved:

Under the pretext of fighting foreign propaganda, they are trying to restrict media freedom. We will not give in to any pressure and will remain independent for the sake of our viewers.

for a few weeks They have also been commented TVN24 operating license then in August collapsed The Polish ruling coalition, when Jaroslaw Gowen, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Borozomeni party, who did not support Morawiecki’s government in the “Lex TVN” issue, was removed from office. Then in September, after the House of Representatives voted for it, but the Senate rejected the motion, extended, long, elongated The news channel’s license expired at the time, however the legislation finally passed on Friday could bring a new turn to the issue.

After the adoption of the law, demonstrations were organized or conducted in several Polish cities in defense of TVN. According to the channel, a demonstration took place in Warsaw last night at seven in the evening in front of the presidential palace under the slogan “Freedom of the media, free people, free Poland”, calling on President Andrzej Duda to reject the law. What the president’s decision will be is a very good question at the moment, as he was also nominated for the position of governor of Law and Justice (PiS), however he has not previously ruled out the possibility of not signing the law.

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Watch TVN24, owned by American Discovery Inc. , about four and a half million people per day and employs nearly a thousand people.

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