Index - abroad - dangerous radiation in Chernobyl

Index – abroad – dangerous radiation in Chernobyl

The agency’s mission in Chernobyl on Tuesday, the 36th anniversary of the nuclear disaster, aims to bring new equipment to the site, repair damaged monitoring equipment and make detailed measurements in and around the power plant.

After arriving at the scene, Rafael Grossi said that although Russian forces had left the power plant and its surroundings weeks ago, the radiation level at Chernobyl was still higher than normal. he added:

For this reason, being around the facility is now much more dangerous than usual.

Grossi’s current statement is interesting because He was still talking about her three weeks agoThat the situation in and around the power plant is completely normal.

Radiation is checked day by day

On Tuesday, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said otherwise, saying that the radiation was higher than usual because Russian forces were transporting heavy weapons (military equipment, combat vehicles) around the power plant, which in turn led to the spread of radioactive dust in the region. . He added that radiation in and around the power plant is carefully checked day by day BBC.

To index recently One eyewitness said Exactly what the Russians did in Chernobyl. Based on previous news, it has already been suggested Russian soldiers can also get radiation sickness, They were sent to the vicinity of the facility without providing them with adequate protective equipment.

Recalling past events, the recording also showed that the Russians brought not only heavy weapons to Chernobyl, but also They also dug themselves in the area, Which increases the overcoming of radioactive dust. But this is not the end of the story, as recently it was said that the Russians fought, They can take ‘radioactive souvenirs’ with them The power plant area and laboratories were also looted. In addition, the contaminated soil may have stuck to the tanks passing through Chernobyl, so the Ukrainian authorities conducted investigations even around Kyiv, For fear of a serious radiological problem.

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(Cover image: An ark covers the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 13, 2021. Photo: Sergey Sobinsky/AFP)

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