Index - Abroad - Coronavirus Worldwide - Tuesday Index News Summary

Index – Abroad – Coronavirus Worldwide – Tuesday Index News Summary

The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn attention to the high risks of the omicron coronavirus variant worldwide. The A statement carried by the British Broadcasting Corporation According to the version it could have serious consequences in some areas. The head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed the need to vaccinate poor countries as quickly as possible.

The variant was discovered in South Africa earlier this month, and the first evidence suggests that this variant has a higher risk of re-infection.

Omicron contains an unprecedented number of sudden mutations, some of which raise concerns about their potential impact on the course of the epidemic

said the driver. Dr. Tedros added that scientists around the world are working to see if the new version could increase the number of infections, increase the risk of re-infection, and how the mutated responds to existing vaccines. According to the expert

The omicron emergency is another reminder that while many of us think we’re done with Covid-19, it’s not over yet.

He added that no deaths have yet been linked to the new version.

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