Index - Abroad - Coronavirus Worldwide - Index News Summary for Thursday

Index – Abroad – Coronavirus Worldwide – Index News Summary for Thursday

In Ukraine, a ruling has gone into effect to expand the range of workers required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, or else they will be suspended from their jobs.

the index I mentioned earlier that teachers, who work in the central and local administration, are required to take the vaccine.

According to the new clause, the vaccine must already be for employees of companies, institutions, organizations, social sphere and strategic companies such as the post office and the railway company involved in the management of central enforcement authorities.

According to Health Minister Viktor Liasho, the number of people who received two doses of the vaccine in Ukraine has so far exceeded fifty percent in the capital, Kiev alone. This is 65 percent of Kiev, while the Kiev region is the second most in the country, 49 percent. In other regions of Ukraine, with the exception of the capital, Kiev and Poltava provinces, the number of people who have taken at least one dose of the vaccine has not yet reached fifty percent.

And in Ukraine, the number of infected people has so far increased Thursday from 12,376 to 3532357 and the number of deaths 465 to 89,901. Meanwhile, the number of active patients decreased by more than 12,600 to 308,486. Last day, 2449 patients with coronavirus and suspected infection were hospitalized.

(via MTI)

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