Index - Abroad - Coronavirus Worldwide - Index News Summary for Thursday

Index – Abroad – Coronavirus Worldwide – Index News Summary for Thursday

Another type of coronavirus has been discovered in Africa, which has an exceptionally strong mutation ability to bypass the line of defense of the human body, giving new impetus to the epidemic.

So far, only ten cases have been known in three countries, yet scientists are sounding the alarm because of its mutations.

32 mutations have been reported in the variant classified as B.1.1.529 in the spike protein of the virus, which is part of the pathogen that mimics most vaccines to prepare the body for protection against Covid. However, current vaccines, although potentially scalable, rely on the skeletal protein of the parent virus to stick to cells to prime the immune system.

Alternative for the first time in Botswana specifiedThree patients were found there. Six more cases have been identified in South Africa, but it is of greater concern,

The virus has already left the continent, having been carried to Asia by a traveler from South Africa to Hong Kong.

As we wrote earlier, there is a more likely version that the coronavirus that caused the epidemic is a laboratory runaway and is mutating so quickly because Wuhan researchers, albeit with American money, intentionally genetically modified it to create a coronavirus emperor. The goal, in principle, was that when the powerful virus was born, they would make a deadly vaccine that could stop all kinds of coronaviruses from being shut down. Everyone knows the story continues.

The outbreak of B.1.1.529 was recorded in Botswana on November 11, and had already crossed into South Africa three days later. He arrived in Hong Kong on the body of a 36-year-old man who took off on his flight with a negative PCR test. He spent about 20 days in and left South Africa when the supernatant was identified in Botswana. The good news is that since quarantine is mandatory in Hong Kong even with a negative test result, so the man didn’t take to the streets of the densely populated archipelago, he was diagnosed on the second day of isolation. But there are also flight attendants on planes and airport staff.

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