Index - Abroad - Coronavirus in the world - Index news summary for Tuesday

Index – abroad – coronavirus in the world – index news summary for Tuesday.

Romania has used more than half of the 17.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine purchased so far through the European Union, donated more than 550,000 to its non-EU neighbors (mainly Moldova) and sold 1.17 million doses to Denmark, the news portal learned From the National Committee for Coordination of the Vaccination Campaign (CNCAV).

According to a detailed data series released on Monday, Romania has so far received nearly 17 million and 550 thousand doses of the four types of vaccines approved by the European Union, of which 9 million and 220 thousand have been administered, MTI wrote.

Most of them – 7 million and 275 thousand, 63 percent of the purchased amount – were sold from the vaccine manufactured by Pfizer. 723,000 (45 percent) doses of Moderna, 846K (25 percent) of AstraZeneca, and 376,000 (38 percent) of Janssen single-dose vaccine were administered. As Hotnews learned it

AstraZeneca’s 47,000 vaccines expire at the end of July and nearly 1.5 million doses expire at the end of August.

In Romania, with a population of 19.3 million, 4,886,000 people (28.9 percent of the vaccine population over the age of 12) had received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine by Monday night, and 4,729,000 people (27.9 percent) had been fully vaccinated.

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