Index - Abroad - Coronavirus in the world - Index news bulletin on Wednesday

Index – Abroad – Coronavirus in the world – Index news bulletin on Wednesday

According to US researchers, the composition of the nasal mucosa microbes can significantly affect people with severe symptoms who pass through the coronavirus, writes Eurekaert. 24 h.

Experts from Augusta University

  • 27 coronavirus-negative people aged 49 to 78 were studied,
  • 30 individuals of the same age who tested positive but had no symptoms,
  • And 27 of those also developed symptoms.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Diagnostics, half of the symptomatic patients did not even have a replication-detectable microbiota. This means that

There are not as many bacteria on the mucous membranes as it should be, so the first protection is not enough.

Those who were infected but had no symptoms were otherwise healthy and had good microbiomes. The researchers note: It is not known which came first, the weak germs or the virus that killed so many bacteria.

They add that asymptomatic patients also have a different bacterial composition on the mucosa. There are two bacteria that are more common in them, including the so-called Cutibacterium, which is commonly found on the skin and is also linked to acne and heart inflammation. Cyanobacteria, which also play a role in regulating the immune response, are found in large quantities on the mucous membranes of those infected.

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