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INDEX – Abroad – Construction workers destroyed Banksy graffiti worth more than HUF 215 million

INDEX – Abroad – Construction workers destroyed Banksy graffiti worth more than HUF 215 million

Banksy’s precious drawings depicted the silhouette of a young boy and a cat in the boy’s window drawing curtains on the outside wall of his home in Herne Bay, UK.

the The morning is broken The old house on which it was built was recently ordered demolished. the Mirror I mentioned that when construction work started in the area on Tuesday, the damaged wall section was also demolished.

The contractors said later: They had no idea they could make a bank famous for us.

Jacob Smith, a 30-year-old fan of street art, told the newspaper that he had been “bothering” the street artist for two years in vain to make a graffiti model, because such a work of art would have sold for good money: according to estimates. It could have been sold for £500,000, which is more than 215 million HUF.

Banksy confirmed the authenticity of the piece himself on his Instagram account, where he uploaded three photos of his work.

the The morning is broken Remnants of the mural have since been recovered from the rubble. And it is not known yet what will happen to the pieces of the wall.

Another work by Banksy was stolen earlier

A few months ago, we reported on another graffiti artist’s work being vandalized. Accordingly, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office initiated proceedings against the thief who wanted to steal Banksy’s works painted on the wall of a house in Kiev.

At the beginning of December, the man and several friends cut down the artwork Banksy had drawn on a wall in a suburb of the Ukrainian capital, Hostomel. The painting shows a woman standing on a chair, wearing a robe and gas mask, and holding a fire extinguisher.

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Residents noticed the cropped image and alerted the police, who arrested the perpetrator.