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Index – Abroad – Climate activists’ work on world-famous artwork

Index – Abroad – Climate activists’ work on world-famous artwork

The campaign was carried out by the organization Atterstall Vatmarker (Wetland Restoration). The police detained the two women, whose ages ranged between 25 and 30.

The picture in question is Claude Monet’s 1900 masterpiece, prof Le Jardin de l’artiste in Giverny (The Artist’s Garden at Giverny) which was presented at the Stockholm Exhibition.

the garden More than three hundred works of art by world-famous artists such as Rembrandt, Watteau, Monet and Renoir are presented at the gallery. The gallery, which was closed due to the activists, is expected to reopen to visitors on Thursday.

Museum restorers are examining the painting to determine any damage

– announced the museum in a statement carried by MTI.

“We distance ourselves from actions that endanger or harm cultural heritage, regardless of the purpose of the event,” said Per Hedstrom, the museum’s executive director.

The organization published a video showing the two women, a nurse and a medical student, in the process of pouring red paint on the glass to protect the image, while shouting in chorus like “The climate situation is urgent.”

They can’t handle themselves

Monet’s painting isn’t the first artwork climate activists have used to draw attention to themselves.

Just Stop Oil activists poured tomato juice on Vincent van Gogh last October sunflower in the National Gallery in London, and then affixed themselves to Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper to an early copy of his work at the Royal Academy of Art in London.

In the same month, the famous Dutch professor Johannes Vermeer, Girl with pearl earrings Two activists have attached themselves to his work in a museum in The Hague, while two others spilled mashed potatoes on Monet’s $110 million. stones painting in Germany.

Four activists of the radical environmental movement Ultima Generazione pour vegetable soup on a painter at a Van Gogh exhibition in Rome in November Sowing seeds for his picture.