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INDEX – Abroad – Clara Dobrev met the leader of the British Labor Party in London

INDEX – Abroad – Clara Dobrev met the leader of the British Labor Party in London

Clara Dobrev met Keir Starmer at Parliament House in London. Politician DK said: The Hungarian people decided by a large majority in favor of joining NATO.

“We are committed to NATO being a strong alliance capable of protecting the Hungarian people,” he added.

Regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union, he said: Great Britain is suffering from the repercussions of its exit from the European Union.

In the video posted on her social media page, Dobrev reminded Clara: The Labor Party has therefore drawn up several packages on how to mitigate the harmful consequences. According to Clara Dobrev, Hungarians should learn a lot from the example of Brexit.

It is a warning signal to Hungarians that they have managed to convince a slim majority in Great Britain: There is life outside the European Union, said the DK shadow prime minister.

Although the vast majority of people today think that this was a bad decision, they have to live with its consequences.

– announced the representative of the European Parliament.

Clara Dobrev added: Their mission is to show that the image that Prime Minister Viktor Orban shows Hungary is not the real face of the country. He believes there is an alternative, another Hungary looking for friends and allies inside and outside the EU.

During the meeting between the two shadow prime ministers, they discussed the common problems of Hungary and Great Britain, including the situation of Hungarians studying and working in the island nation. According to Clara Dobrev, how to facilitate employment and study for young Hungarians was discussed.

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A DK EP representative added: The Shadow Cabinet also traveled to London to gather friends and allies, and this work will continue as promised.