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Index – Abroad – Cheaper than nursing home – An elderly couple travels around the world on a boat

Index – Abroad – Cheaper than nursing home – An elderly couple travels around the world on a boat

Marty and Jess Ansen set off on their first cruise on June 16, 2022, and have booked 51 cruises in a row. In all, they traveled the world for about 500 days. the New York Post According to the Australian couple, they spent more time on board than the crew members.

“I told my travel agent, whatever comes in, just book it,” Marty Ansen said.

The couple claim that sailing around the world for two years is cheaper than paying for a nursing home.

“This is our way of life,” said Jess Ansen, adding that one of the benefits of their new life is that they never get bored, as there are countless entertainment options on board.

“Dinners, lectures and musical evenings of dancing. There is something to do all day long,” said the woman, who says the biggest advantage of their lifestyle is that they do not have to clean up their room after themselves.

Now we don’t have to wash the dishes or make the bed. It’s been so long since I pulled the sheets back that I don’t even know how to do it anymore. So we still have to live on the ship to survive

The old woman joked.

The couple starts their day with a game of ping pong every day, then usually enjoys a beer on their balcony while admiring the view.

According to the crew of the Coral Princess ship, the retirees are almost celebrities, as many have heard about their exceptional lifestyle.

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“Everyone on the ship knows them. They’re basically celebrities on the ship,” said Ren van Rooyen, the hotel manager on the ship.

The couple will travel on the Coral Princess ship for another eight months, after which they will move to a larger ship, where they booked their holiday a year ago.

“It’s a wonderful life,” Marty Ansen said, adding that they see their family too because when the ship docks near their home, family members visit them in port.