Index - Abroad - Cases have been filed against the third Slovak police chief within a year

Index – Abroad – Cases have been filed against the third Slovak police chief within a year

MTI reported that Petr Kovarik filed a criminal case against the head of the Slovak National Police on Thursday for abuse of power and obstruction of justice at the Bratislava District Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutors began the proceedings, citing an incident in July this year.

The Chief of Police has temporarily prevented the Internal Audit Service (ÚIS) of the Ministry of Interior from carrying out work in a special unit of the police, the National Law Enforcement Agency (NAKA).

In this action, ISIS wanted to arrest three so-called “atonement witnesses” who, according to their testimonies, NAKA conducted and continues to conduct many actions. He justified the actions of ISIS on the grounds that the Naka police might have influenced the testimony of the repentant witnesses, so ÚIS wanted to carry out the arrest.

The National Police chief justified the failure of the intelligence procedure on the grounds that the investigating officer did not have sufficient permission to carry out the procedure. The proceeds detention procedure was implemented with some delay, but at that time only one of the three could be arrested.

Meanwhile, Kovarek was already questioned, dismissed the allegations against him in a decision sent to MTI and said he had filed a complaint against the proceedings and protested to all prosecutors in the Bratislava District Prosecutor’s Office for bias.

Within a year, Kovarek will be the third chief of police in Slovakia to be tried. The two former police chiefs, Tibor Gaspart and Milan LukanskiThey were arrested in November and December last year on corruption charges.

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