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Index - Abroad - British heat waves have hit the British

Index – Abroad – British heat waves have hit the British

British experts have warned of the expected occurrence of unprecedented heat waves, temperatures of up to forty degrees, in Britain in the summer, even if global warming continues at one and a half degrees above pre-industrial levels.

MTI reported that the highest temperature ever measured in Britain was 38.7 degrees, which was recorded in Cambridge in 2019. According to Liz Bentley, Director-General of the UK’s Royal Meteorological Society, the planet is already experiencing extremely high temperatures due to global warming. From 1.1 to 1.2 degrees.

Add to that 0.3 degrees, the heat waves will be more intense, perhaps forty degrees in Britain, a heat we’ve never seen before, and with global warming by a degree and a half, they won’t just happen once or twice, but regularly.

The specialist indicated.

Mike Kendon, author of the Climate Report, described the UK’s 40 heat waves as a real danger. As he said, global warming is already having an effect in the island nation, as it is in the rest of the world. According to the Climate Report, 2020 was the third warmest year, fifth rainiest, eighth sunniest month, and the first year to be in the top ten in all three indicators.

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