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INDEX – Abroad – Britain’s top doctors are asking for more money because of the population’s strike

INDEX – Abroad – Britain’s top doctors are asking for more money because of the population’s strike

After April, on June 14, British residents in Great Britain are preparing for another work stoppage in order to try to pressure the British government led by Rishi Sunak to raise their salaries, Britons reports. independent.

This time they are preparing for a 72-hour strike, but it won’t be the first time that residents stop working and take to the streets: they did the same in April, but the government still refuses to raise their wages as they do. Likes.

The salaries of resident doctors in Great Britain have fallen dramatically in the past decade: their current salary in real terms is two-thirds of the 2008 salary, so they are asking for a 35 per cent increase in salary, which the government does not want to grant and they even accuse the union representing the population of not being willing to make concessions during negotiations.

So, while the negotiations stalled, the demonstrations continued. Moreover, it appears that the current downtime may be more effective than the previous one,

Since their old medical associates only undertake to replace residents if they are given extra allowance to work on return.

Britain’s The Independent reported that at least 800 doctors in London indicated they would only take on extra work if they were paid above average compensation for overtime – that’s 8.7 per cent of London doctors.

long-term problems

Despite the fact that the main demand of the population is an increase in wages by 35 percent, in the past year there have been strikes in the British health sector for other things: in addition to the population, nurses have already shown, in addition to their wages criticized overtime and underfunding of the health system, but they stopped Already about the work of paramedics and doctors too.

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Health-care workers are not only upset by the decline in their real wages, but also by the deterioration of working conditions in the meantime. Despite the fact that the British budget spends more money on the NHS every year, according to the calculations of Britain’s largest medical association, the BMA (British Medical Association).

There are currently nearly 60 billion pounds missing from the system.

As in their advertisement provide this in detail illustratedBecause of population growth, increased life expectancy, and a concomitant increase in more complex treatments, more must be spent on health care from the start, but the budget hasn’t kept up with average annual growth.

In addition, the British healthcare system is the average of the European Union not reach tooThe quality of care has been deteriorating for years due to a lack of funding: while in the case of EU member states there are an average of 4.6 patient beds per thousand inhabitants, in the UK it is only 2.4. Moreover, according to the BMA

During the coronavirus pandemic, by 2015, there were fewer than 1,348 doctors working, so the pandemic puts an extra burden on doctors.

All this despite the fact that the British government, then led by Boris Johnson, increased the budget by nearly one hundred billion pounds between 2020 and 2022 in light of the outbreak of the pandemic.

At the time, the Johnsons claimed problems and workload in the healthcare sector were caused by the pandemic, but meanwhile, the doctor spoke to The Guardian in June 2022. according to This is not true: even before the coronavirus epidemic, there were surgeries that had a waiting period of more than a year, but there are operations that are already two years old because of the pandemic.