Index – abroad – Britain isolates: Thousands die in the UK due to heating problems

Demonstrators set off from London’s High Court and ended their discontent with a demonstration seated on Lambeth Bridge, paralyzing traffic in the center of the British capital.

Supporters of Britain’s Insulate were sentenced on Thursday to between three and six months in prison for obstructing traffic on the M25 motorway near London in violation of a court order.

Since the beginning of September, activists have closed roads more than 20 times British capitalAnd other parts of the country, opt for the busiest sections, mostly during peak periods, the Telegraph Office wrote.

Demonstrators called on the government to fund a program to improve energy efficiency in homes in the UK.

Activists say homes in the UK are among the oldest and coldest in Europe. Every year, the population of the country is forced to devote huge amounts of energy to heating their rooms, which contributes to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Insulate Britain also claims that up to ten thousand older people die every winter in the UK who have to save from home heating.


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