Index - abroad - Biden will start in 2024, especially if Trump

Index – abroad – Biden will start in 2024, especially if Trump

Joe Biden wants to run in the 2024 US presidential election. President of the United States to ABC He talked about this in a certain interview, adding that he will start when he is healthy, that is, he will be in the same condition as now. – I’m a huge fan of destiny. Fate has intervened in my life many times. “If I had the same health,” said the Democrat, “if I had good health, I would really start.”

When presenter David Muir was asked that this would happen even if there was a second round in 2024 against his official predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, Joe Biden smiled, then responded with a voice that evokes Clint Eastwood:

You are trying to seduce me. naturally. Why don’t you disagree with Donald Trump? If he was the candidate, it would have increased his chances.

Joe Biden is 79 and Donald Trump is 75. In the history of the United States, no person has received more than two votes in a presidential election. Joe Biden won 8,1268,924 votes, Donald Trump received 742,154 votes, and Barack Obama was the third elected President of the United States in 2008 with 694,98516 votes.

As for alternatives, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, known as Trump’s believer, has indicated he will get tested, and Democrats could run the current Vice President, Kamala Harris, who, however, (a) The Wall Street Journal In one particular interview last week, he indicated that he hasn’t spoken to Joe Biden around 2024 yet.

We’re not talking and we’re not talking about reelection because we haven’t even finished our first year and we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

The vice president said diplomatically. Joe Bident was inaugurated in office on January 20, 2021, after winning the presidential election on November 3, 2020.

Ted Cruz had already run for the Republican presidential election in 2016, and just a day earlier he said he would run again. Five years ago, he finished second among 17 Republican candidates and runners-up, and the party’s number two aspirant will almost always run for president in the next election.

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