Index - Abroad - Biden called Putin and talked about Russian cyberattacks

Index – Abroad – Biden called Putin and talked about Russian cyberattacks

Over the phone, US President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about It can be linked to Russiaand US companies to stop cyberattacks – announce NBC News. Joe Biden put it this way, “He will take all necessary steps to protect his people and key infrastructure.

After the phone call, Biden told reporters that he was optimistic about the conversation with Putin and that the two countries had “intensified communications” to deal with such situations. According to the White House, the US president called on Russia to take steps to weaken the operating extortion software groups.

Biden made this call a few weeks after the leaders of the first two world powers convened personal meeting Biden since taking office in January this year. The US president had already called on Putin to curb cyber attacks, noting that the US would take a response if they persisted. True, it is not entirely certain what kind of responses I meant. In any case, NBC News wrote, citing a senior official, “They won’t telegram exactly what steps they’re taking,” but they will in the coming weeks.

When a reporter asked Bident if it made sense to attack servers used to carry out extortion software attacks, the president said yes. He added that he believed Putin would work with him on this matter.

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