Index - abroad - ban the leader of the KDNP faction from Ukraine

Index – abroad – ban the leader of the KDNP faction from Ukraine

A spokesman for a faction of the smaller ruling party on Wednesday told MTI that it wanted to visit several municipalities in Transcarpathia to donate donations, but was told by Ukrainian authorities at the border that it had been banned from the neighboring country for three years under an earlier decision. And he got a decision.

Lawrence Naxa put it this way: he finds it sad that Ukraine is resorting to such tools rather than seeking cooperation, since this does not help in resolving conflicts.

He declared that for the good of the Hungarian community, we remain interested in the agreement and good-neighbourly relations, but this requires both parties.

The good news is that school supplies and other donations have been sent to Transcarpathia, Lorenc Naxa told the official news agency.

The name Lőrinc Nacsa was not even mentioned in the mainstream Ukrainian press, but the news was also covered by several Hungarian newspapers in Transcarpathia. Thus, it is not yet clear where the Ukrainian authorities justify the ban of KDNP politicians, who have not yet shown the decision on their Facebook page.

As is known, Ukraine He declared many Hungarian politicians persona non grata, including István Grezsa, Ministerial Commissioner responsible for developing cooperation between Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County and Transcarpathia and coordinating the Carpathian Basin Kindergarten Development Program, and a senior Hungarian government official. According to Fama, that official is Janos Arpad Potapee, Minister of State for National Policy in the Prime Minister’s Office.

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