Index - Abroad - Bali is open to tourism, but so far only 45 foreigners have visited the island

Index – Abroad – Bali is open to tourism, but so far only 45 foreigners have visited the island

The coronavirus pandemic has hit most of the world’s travel destinations very badly. They are terrible too You can post a loss The island of Bali, which was a favorite of travelers around the world last year. However, as a result of strict entry rules and a closed international airport, instead of the previous million tourists, only 45 foreign adventurers visited this beautiful island this year. This decline is particularly stark compared to 2019, when another 6.2 million foreigners visited the place, or one million tourists last year.

This is the lowest number of tourists we have recorded

Says sadly the head of the tourism bureau of Bali province. The data was also confirmed by the Indonesian Statistics Office.

Ngurah Rai International Airport is closed almost all year round, so only those black-belt tourists who approached Bali have arrived in Bali. In mid-October, restrictions on air travel were lifted, but only domestic flights were accepted, mostly from the capital, Jakarta.

There are very strict rules for arrivals. First of all, tourist visas are not issued at the moment, they are suitable only for business travel, and their prices are quite exorbitant, each costing three hundred dollars (almost one hundred thousand forints). Then quarantine and multiple PCR testing over time is mandatory, and then private health insurance must be run on site. In addition, domestic flights are becoming more expensive, as there are no direct flights from abroad to Bali yet, writes CNN.

The Indonesian government has established epidemiological rules for the island. Previously, even those who received two vaccinations were required to self-quarantine for ten days, but the time for this has been increased recently because they are afraid of the omicron variant.

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According to Ray Suryawijaya, who runs the Bali Province Hotel and Restaurant Association

With such access restrictions, it is very difficult to expect anyone to visit the island.

It seems that the revival of domestic tourism is a faint glimmer of hope. As Ray says, there are now about 13,000 people traveling to Bali on the weekends, bringing hotel occupancy to 35 percent. It might be fun at the end of the year, but it’s very little consolation for the locals in Bali who have supported their families so far from international tourism.

(Cover Photo: A tourist walks in a resort on the island of Bali in Kuta on December 8, 2021, during the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Photo: MTI / EPA / Made Nagi)

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