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Index – Abroad – Another embarrassing mistake from Joe Biden: calling himself a black and female president

Index – Abroad – Another embarrassing mistake from Joe Biden: calling himself a black and female president

Many have questioned the candidacy and fitness of US President Joe Biden after his poor performance in last week’s televised debate. The White House on Wednesday officially denied that Joe Biden was likely to resign. The president’s campaign team says they are doing everything they can to dispel doubts about Joe Biden’s fitness and restore voters’ trust.

On Thursday, on the occasion of American Independence Day, the US President gave an interview to the “Word” channel in Philadelphia, where he once again managed to put himself in an embarrassing position, according to the newspaper. independent.

Anyway, I'm proud, as I said, to be the first female vice president, the first black woman… to serve under a black president…

Joe Biden said in the radio interview.

The US president struggled to find words as he tried to refer to Kamala Harris, the first black female vice president, and her time in the Barack Obama administration. Joe Biden has been embarrassing himself regularly with his statements lately. He also struggled with words last time, getting Rishi Sunak’s title wrong, and before that, ignoring that the Queen was dead. The US president has also struggled with his coordination skills. There have been times when he has fallen or hit his head on a helicopter in front of the cameras.

Joe Biden explains his poor performance by fatigue

According to Index, the first televised debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024 took place in the CNN studio on the evening of June 27, local time. According to a poll conducted by the channel, 67 percent of viewers saw Donald Trump as the winner of the debate.

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The incumbent president entered the stage in a low, stuttering voice, his mouth open and his staring. At times he could barely finish his thoughts. His performance raised doubts even among Democrats about whether he would be able to complete his second term.

Biden in a radio interview in Wisconsin on Thursday He admitted he was “upset” in the debate. “I had a bad night,” he said. “I screwed up. I was wrong. But I learned from my father that if you fall, get up again. And you know, we're going to win the election. We're going to beat Donald Trump just like we did in 2020.”

The president then said voters should not be intimidated by his debate performance, but should appreciate his accomplishments so far.