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Index – Abroad – An illegal immigrant in Croatia stepped on a mine and died

An illegal border crossing in the forest of the Saporsko district in central Croatia, where they strayed into a mined area left by the 1991-1995 South Slavic War, and were killed by a mine explosion, Mti wrote.

According to local newspapers, one of the man’s accomplices was seriously injured and another wounded more easily.

The blast occurred on Thursday in an area near the Bosnian border.

Karlovac city police tried to use helicopters to explore the area, the so-called Sabursko migration route.

Marco Peccanic, the district foreman, told the press that this section had been cleared before, but that it was more difficult due to the terrain in the woods.

Mine warning signs remain outside on major roads.

He added that the illegal border crossings from Bosnia avoided the main roads and they might not be able to see them.

It was also confirmed from Ogulin Hospital that one of the immigrant women who had been treated there sustained serious injuries in the abdomen and the other injured her knees. Both are Pakistani citizens.

Illegal immigrants come to Bosnia mainly from Serbia and Montenegro, where they want to travel to Croatia, then to Slovenia, and from there to Western European countries.

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