Index - Abroad - America was hit by a natural disaster not seen in 1200 years

Index – Abroad – America was hit by a natural disaster not seen in 1200 years

New Washington Post Analytics In parts of the Southwest, the average annual temperature has already risen by more than 1.5 degrees, a threshold widely seen as a tipping point that is already It has dire consequences for humanity and environment look at me.

Although drought is a normal part of the Southwest climate, by examining the relationship between tree rings and soil moisture, Washington State University researchers have found that the current drought since 2000 Unprecedented About 800 seconds ago.

2022 Published in Nature Climate Change study He attributed 42 percent of the hot, dry weather over the past two decades to global warming.

According to Tim Koehler, an archaeologist and professor at Washington State University, the current severe drought is different from prehistoric drought periods.

This current drought appears to be more severe and prolonged than any previous drought. However, the really bad news is that all of the previous droughts occurred without the effect of increasing greenhouse gases. Now we’re playing a new ball game, and scientists don’t know what to expect

Tim Koehler said.

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