Index – Abroad – America prepares for a historic snowstorm

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard and gusty wind warning for parts of the western and northern United States.

More than a thousand flights were canceled in the United States on Wednesday as stormy weather caused chaos across the country and a massive storm surge threatened to bring record snowfall in parts of the country.

On the Northern Plains, schools will be closed for the duration of the storm in Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin as the storm is expected to affect millions, while strong winds and widespread power outages are expected to affect California.

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning and severe winds for parts of the western and central northern United States.

Up to 60 cm of snow could fall in some areas by Thursday. The authorities also warned residents that the whiteness could cause blindness (bleach) Avoid driving by car, she says NBC News.

Some footage posted on social media shows people preparing for the storm, with crowded lines forming in front of supermarkets.

According to online flight-tracking software FlightAware, about 950 flights have been delayed. 180 of the flight cancellations have been linked to St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis. Nearly 100 flights were scheduled to depart from Denver International Airport.

The weather service said a large air mass in the Arctic from Canada “will interact with an active upper atmosphere pattern and several frontal systems that are expected to move across the country this week to create a number of weather hazards.”

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In early February, thousands of flights were canceled and hundreds of thousands of homes were without power in the central and southern United States as winter storms continued. Several fatal accidents occurred on the icy roads, and six people died.

(Cover photo: A woman walks in Minneapolis on December 23, 2020. Photo:
(Stephen Maturin/Getty Images)

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