Index - Abroad - Alexi Navalny's lawyer and spokesperson arrested

Index – Abroad – Alexi Navalny’s lawyer and spokesperson arrested

The statue of Lyubov, Alexei Navalny’s lawyer, was held for 30 days for staging an unauthorized demonstration. Demonstrations were also held in several Russian cities on January 23 to protest the arrest of an opposition politician.

The public could have known about Stato’s detention by being in a car with his lawyer, Vladimir Voronin, when the police stopped the car on January 21, the woman was pulled from the car to be taken to the police so Voronin could document the incident on Twitter. On the same day, a Belarusian lawyer from the Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation was also temporarily detained and told that he must leave Russia by January 25 at the latest.

Before the accident, three men went to Szobol’s apartment and tried to give him a handwritten warning sent by the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office about the 23rd protest.

Navalny, who returns home after five months, is currently held in a prison near Moscow.

Kira Yarmis, a spokeswoman for opposition politics, was detained for nine days and reported the same to the public, also on Twitter. In his letter, he also drew attention to the importance of participating in the January 23 protests.

(Cover Photo: The statue of Lyubov, attorney for Alexei Navalny. Photo: Sergey Illnitsky (MTI / EPA)

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