Index – Abroad – According to US intelligence, Saudi Crown Prince Hasoji was killed

According to an intelligence report just released, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has agreed to arrest the journalist O. To kill Operation, he wrote CNN.

The report is based on the following conclusion:

The crown prince directs the entire decision-making process in the kingdom, and he is one of his key advisors directly involved in the process, as well as members of bin Salman’s Personal Protection Squad.

After a meeting between Congress, Joe Biden and the Saudi king on Thursday, Congress authorized the release of the report.

As the report states,

Since 2017, the crown prince has had complete control over the country’s defense and intelligence services, so it is unlikely that Saudi officials would have carried out such an operation without his permission.

According to the report, the group of fifteen people who arrived in Istanbul in October 2018 included individuals who were in contact with the Royal Court Media Affairs Group (CSMARC), which is headed by Ben Straw One of your closest advisors, and

Also the elite squadron responsible for the personal protection of the Crown Prince, seven members of the Rapid Response Force.

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