Index – abroad – a submarine attacked by a shark in the United Kingdom

The shark attacks They are rare in the UK. The last time one of the victims was injured by a shark in British waters was in 2017, when it bit the finger of a surfer off South Devon. There have only been a few other shark attacks in the UK since the 19th century.

Recently, he attacked a woman who was diving in the Cornwall area. According to the authorities, the shark bit him in the leg.

There are only a few species of sharks that are dangerous to humans

The warning was received just before 12:30 on July 28 by the Coast Guard, whose team met the victim at the Port of Penzance to help deliver him to the ambulance service. Tourism and communications expert Robert Richard Case shared his thoughts on defending against shark attacks. by clicking here You can read.

The victim was diving to see blue sharks – which visit the UK during the summer months – when he was attacked, according to reports. does not depend on.

blue shark attacks on humans They are very rareHowever, many fatal cases have been reported worldwide. The Shark Trust says there are only a few shark species that can be dangerous to humans, and claims none have been reported in British waters.

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