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Index – Abroad – A state of emergency was declared in Iceland

Index – Abroad – A state of emergency was declared in Iceland

In recent weeks, thousands of earthquakes have been recorded around the nearby Fagradalsfjall volcano, the Icelandic Meteorological Authority has reported. BBCR. The tremors were focused on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, which remained dormant for 800 years of volcanic activity before it erupted in 2021.

On Thursday, due to increased seismic activity in the area, the surrounding area was closed Blue lake Well-known teacher.

Since the end of October, more than 20 thousand earthquakes have been recorded in the southwestern part of Iceland.

According to information from the Meteorological Authority, the magma tunnel began underground, towards the town of Grindavik, located near the volcano, and from their point of view, it cannot be ruled out that it will reach the settlement. Therefore, the Icelandic Civil Defense Agency immediately ordered the evacuation of residents.

The agency said in its statement on Friday that people should leave the city, but also stressed that this was not an “emergency evacuation” – and urged them to “remain calm, because they noticed the dangerous phenomenon in time.”

There is no immediate danger, the evacuation process is primarily preventive, and the main goal is the safety of all Grindavik residents

– they added. The city has a population of just under 4,000 people, so they can move quickly and efficiently to prevent problems.

It has been dormant for eight hundred years, and now it is active again

The Fagradalsfjall volcano became active again after eight hundred years, so since 2021 Iceland has continuously experienced different seismic movements.

Geographically, the archipelago is one of the most active regions in the world, with about 30 active volcanic sites.

Volcanic eruptions occur when magma, which is lighter than the surrounding solid rock, rises from deep within the rock to the Earth’s surface.

In July, the Little Ram volcano erupted in the Fagradalsfjall region, attracting many tourists to the site of the “world’s newest mini-volcano.”