Index - Abroad - A photo of the attacking policeman pondering under a portrait of Vladimir Putin sold for 8 million Ft.

Index – Abroad – A photo of the attacking policeman pondering under a portrait of Vladimir Putin sold for 8 million Ft.

For about 2 million rubles, or nearly eight million Ft, a photo was taken at a police station, which became a symbol of demonstrations in support of imprisoned Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition politician – Writes Free Europe. The photo, taken by photographer Dmitry Markov, shows a playmaker in protective gear while sitting in front of him seated at a desk, with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the background.

The picture was bought by a woman named Yekaterina at an online auction. The photographer said he would give the money to two organizations that defend the rights of the protesters, OVD-Inform and Protest Defenders.

Dmitry Markov, along with hundreds of pro-Navy protesters, was arrested on February 2 and taken to the Moscow Police Station, and then took the photo with his smartphone. All this happened on the day Alexei Navalny was sentenced to prison in the Moscow court.

Photographer told Free Europe that his photo is a good illustration of the current situation in Moscow.

Part of the whole picture, however, is that two young men were sitting in front of the riot police. They are nearly 25 years old, while the police officer was clearly close to 50. He is the one who is ashamed of himself, and is afraid to show his face, although inside and warm, he does not take off the ski mask.

Brushed. He immediately posted the photo on social media, so it quickly returned to the audience.

After 40 minutes, I saw the policemen showing their phones to each other and laughing, the protesters do the same thing, then they started watching me … Then a riot police officer angrily stormed and looked for the point where they were being filmed. Then he realized that it was me. ‘Hey, sunny! This is really bad, ‘he screamed, upset, almost crying

Markov said.

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Alexei Navalny is two years and eight months old In a penal camp A Moscow court sentenced him to prison after returning home after recovery in Germany, where he was placed after a presumed assassination attempt by Russian intelligence. Since then, several demonstrations have taken place in defense of the opposition politician.

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