Index – Abroad – A former Nazi camp guard expelled from the United States returns to Germany

A German spokesman for the German Federal Police, a former Nazi concentration camp guard who has lived in the United States for more than sixty years and was expelled from the country last year, said he returned to Germany on Saturday.

Frederick Karl Berger, 95, was not arrested, but was questioned by police after he arrived at Frankfurt Airport.

A Memphis court ruled in February of last year that Berger should be deported because he had been under investigation in the northern German city of Cell, on suspicion of war crimes. The court attempted to find out whether Berger was involved in the killing of prisoners as guardian of the Noingham camp network in 1945. The man claimed that although he had been holding prisoners for a few weeks in the Meppen area near the Dutch border, he had not witnessed any killings or violations. Proceedings against him were finally brought to an end in December due to lack of incriminating evidence.

The Neuengamme camp network was established in 1938.

A total of 106,000 people were deported to the central and subcamps, of whom 55,000 died. Most of them worked to death.

Berger has lived in Tennessee, USA since 1959.

The man was caught in the crosshairs of investigators after his name appeared on documents from the Nazi era, found on board a ship that sank in the Baltic Sea in 1950.

In recent years, many ex-Nazis have been tried. Earlier this month, prosecutors brought charges against a hundred-year-old German man who may have been involved in 3,518 murders while working as a camp guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

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