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Index – Abroad – A fake lawyer who won all his cases before he was arrested

Index – Abroad – A fake lawyer who won all his cases before he was arrested

A fake lawyer has been arrested in Kenya who won all his 26 cases in various Kenyan courts without having a law degree, according to reports. daily Mail.

A man posing as Brian Mwenda is accused of stealing the identity of a real lawyer named Brian Mwenda Ntwiga. After his case – understandably – sparked public outrage, he was arrested.

The genius fraudster accessed the Bar Association portal and forged the account details of a man registered there, Brian Mwenda Ntwiga, who goes by the same name, then uploaded his own photo and claimed to have a law degree.

Since then, the “real” Brian Mwenda Ntwiga has not been able to access his account and the fake lawyer has been admitted to the Bar and had his email address registered and an account number opened for him. He defended his clients so successfully that his legal colleagues did not even notice the “fake lawyer.”

He hacked an account and became a lawyer

The real Brian Mwenda Ntwiga did not realize there was a problem until he tried to log into the system and activate his account in September 2023 with the aim of requesting his identity. Then he filed a complaint with the Bar Association.

While the case sparked outrage, especially among lawyers, others found the “fake lawyer” impressive and working with remarkable efficiency.

The head of the Central Organization of Kenya Trade Unions described him as a “brilliant young mind”.

Another major supporter of the man, Mike Sonko, a former Nairobi governor with a questionable reputation, also posted a video with the man on X (formerly Twitter), in which the fake lawyer attempts to explain himself.

I would like to express my gratitude to the people who support me and pray for me. Over time, I will be able to clear up this misunderstanding

He defended himself.

However, Kenyan Attorney General Renson Mulili Enonga ordered the Inspector General of National Police to investigate the fake lawyer.