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Snow storm warnings were issued in several places in the United States, 1,600 flights were canceled and highways were closed. People are asked not to travel.

A massive blizzard is brewing in the northern part of the United States, shutting down highways in several states and leaving drivers stranded in their cars. Many schools and offices have been closed due to the weather, and 1,600 flights have been cancelled. It says 5,000 flight delays have been recorded across the country AP News.

Blizzard warnings affect about 50 million people,

Up to 1 meter of snow could fall in some places through Friday, and minus 40 degrees in the north.

Wind and sleet are also a problem in many Midwestern and Eastern states. Right now, hundreds of thousands of homes don’t even have electricity. People are being asked not to travel due to severe weather. Based on the reports

Even in Southern California, locals have been warned of a blizzard not seen in decades.

In California, the biggest problem was caused by high winds that destroyed trees and power lines. As of Wednesday evening, more than 65,000 households remained without power in the state. A Blizzard Warning has been issued for mountain areas in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for the first time since 1989, effective from 4 a.m. Thursday through 4 p.m. Saturday.

Highways from central Arizona to the New Mexico border have been closed due to snowfall, rain and winds of up to 129 kilometers per hour. More than 8,000 households in Arizona are without electricity.

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