Indeed, the peaceful transition of power between the government and the Taliban is the goal in Afghanistan

Indeed, the peaceful transition of power between the government and the Taliban is the goal in Afghanistan

Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzak told him, “There is no need to worry about the Afghans, the Taliban will not attack Kabul, and the transfer of power to a transitional government will be peaceful.”

An unnamed official added that the Taliban had sent a negotiating delegation to the presidential palace to prepare for the handover. The Taliban also announced that it seeks a peaceful occupation of Kabul and wants a peaceful transition of power.

The German news agency (dpa) wrote that people in Kabul, in a slight panic, tried to withdraw their money saved from banks and buy food.

An official spokesman for the political office of the Taliban movement in Qatar said in a statement to TASS news agency, Sunday, that the Taliban guarantees the security of the Russian embassy in Kabul. In response to a question by Muhammad Sohail Shaheen, he said: “We have good relations with Russia, and our policy is to make every effort to ensure the conditions for the survival of Russia and other countries.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced on Sunday that his country would temporarily accept hundreds of Afghans who worked with international forces – mostly interpreters – during the occupation and wanted to leave his homeland for fear of the Taliban. At Washington’s request, Albania offers temporary asylum to Afghans whom the United States had previously promised to receive. Rama added that they are complying with a similar request from US NGOs regarding temporary admission of Afghan intellectuals and women’s rights activists.

Austria announced that it intends to hold an online conference in August or September to support countries neighboring Afghanistan, believing that they will have to deal with the influx of refugees.

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Sky News, citing unnamed sources, reported that there will be an extraordinary session in the British Parliament next week on the situation in Afghanistan, so MEPs will be summoned on this occasion from their summer vacation. British media also reported that Britain would evacuate all its diplomats from Afghanistan by Monday night, leaving only a few diplomats on duty at Kabul airport.

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