Incredible: You won’t spot it because it will eliminate one of Australia’s most harmful weeds

Saturday 20 February 2021, 3pm

More than 120 wild camels have been shown in Australia for weed control. At the online auction, the animals were sold for AUS $ 250 (57,000 Ft) each, according to the Guardian’s online edition.

Wild camels live in the ownership of the Blackett family in the desert region of Puglia, Queensland. The family occasionally sells some animals, but this is the first time an online auction has been announced, which has also attracted bidders from remote Victoria. However, the camels did not have to travel 26 hours to a remote part of the continent because, fortunately, they were struck by two local shoppers.

Camels are especially effective at killing thorny acacia. This thorny shrub was brought to the continent from India and is one of the 20 most harmful weeds on the continent.

Camels arrived in Australia in the 1840s as baggage-carrying animals by British explorers. In 2015, it was estimated that one million wild camels lived in the country, and without decreasing, there is a risk that the population will double every nine years. According to the Northern Territory government, camels eat 80 percent of the plants found in central Australia, causing massive damage to the desert ecosystem and damage to desert dunes as well. The search for water is also detrimental to man-made infrastructure.

Cover photo: Getty Images

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