Incredible run-out – Has Conte burned bridges at Tottenham?

The Italian specialist’s contract with the club expires in the summer, and, according to reports, Tottenham will not let him go. Perhaps that is why Conte “got tough” and in the post-match press conference he criticized not only the football players, but also the club’s management.

The problem is that we have shown that we are not a team. I see eleven players on the field, eleven selfish players. It’s not about footballers helping each other out, maybe playing with their hearts out – the manager was upset, then hit him with a shovel. “This is the story of Tottenham.” The owner has been there for twenty years, but the team hasn’t won anything. I wonder why? to think.

Conte has previously harassed Guardiola

However, Conte was still in a very good mood on Friday. He tried to prank his colleague, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, who complained on Tuesday that actress Julia Roberts only visited Old Trafford and not the Etihad Stadium during her visit to Manchester. On the other hand, he met Conte Roberts as Chelsea coach, who watched Chelsea vs Manchester United 2017 match in the stadium.

– I remember Julia Roberts was also here when I was working at Chelsea. He watched our game and I had the chance to show him our dressing room. It’s good that someone as important as Julia Roberts loves soccer. This is vital to football – Poked at Conte Guardiola.

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