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In two weeks, Pegasus’ voyage will be complete

In two weeks, Pegasus’ voyage will be complete

the fulcrum Arrived last October sponsored by the publishing house Cala Gamerx Studio science fiction strategy game Pegasus flight. In it, players embark on an expedition to the Pegasus galaxy to find a new home as a last chance to save humanity. The game was only released early last year, which will be out in a matter of weeks.

According to the latest news, the full game will be released on June 20 for PC. The fifth alternate scenario, The Purge, arrives in the premiere, in which players can control alien biomass created to destroy humanity (and in general, all other forms of life that exist in the universe). With the full release, the diplomatic system will also be renewed, but the AI ​​will also be updated and the usual list of bug fixes will not be left behind.

The makers revealed the premiere date in a new trailer. In it, the story that lies ahead is summarized a bit and we also get to know the gameplay.

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Jerry G
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