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In these places we can go to the beach with our dogs in the summer of 2023

In these places we can go to the beach with our dogs in the summer of 2023

Unfortunately, the law forbids us to go to the beach anywhere with our pets. Dogs are only allowed to bathe in places that are not designated for bathing or where there is no sign prohibiting bathing dogs along the designated stretch of beach. So we can’t take them to smooth beaches and fishing grounds. Where can we go to the beach with our best four-legged friend? We’ll show you!

Many people choose to go on vacations and trips with dogs, so the demand for places designed for dogs has increased as well. However, there are still rules to follow:

  • The dog must have all vaccinations, and we must also have a vaccination book,
  • Aggressive and poorly socialized dogs should not be brought in to other dogs,
  • If our dog catches fire, it is better to avoid such places,
  • Do not take a sick dog to the beach.
  • Do not leave your pets unattended
  • Let’s get poop bags out, don’t leave dog poop anywhere.

In addition, we must have water for ourselves and our dog. If the place is not shaded enough, it is recommended to bring an umbrella. If our pet is not a good swimmer, it is also worth taking care of having a life jacket with us.

We’ve rounded up the best local beaches for dogs in 2023

Balaton Dog Beaches


The Fonyód Dog Bath is located behind the Water Police Station, in the immediate vicinity of the port. Several signs in town point to this dog-friendly beach. The area is large, and there are shaded and grassy areas, as well as a great view of Badaxony, providing a dazzling spectacle for visitors. This was the first dog beach near Lake Balaton.


Keszthelyi is Lake Balaton’s newest splashing spot, open exclusively to beachgoers with dogs. It was originally a normal free beach, but at the suggestion of local animal lovers, it was converted into a dog-friendly beach. An agility track and rest area have also been set up in the shaded area of ​​about half a hectare.


The dog beach in Balatonföldvár has been open to visitors since 2016 in the southwestern part of the city. (It can be accessed via Rákóczi Street.) The area is particularly spacious, so you don’t have to worry about crowds. Dogs can easily jump into the water via the ramp.


Tihany, one of the most popular settlements on the north shore of Lake Balaton, also offers exciting opportunities for dog owners. There is a possibility of dogs splashing in the water in the southeast corner of Belső-tó in Tihany, the exact spot is marked with a sign. It is important to note that owners cannot swim with their pets here.

Image courtesy of kutyakajá

Dog beaches around Budapest

Budapest, attention! We also have some beach deals for those who don’t want to travel to Lake Balaton for a swim.

Fundy Lake

Lake Fundy also has a dog-friendly section. This lake is specially designed for sports enthusiasts, where it is possible to rent jet skis, windsurfing and many other water sports activities. The water is crystal clear and there are plenty of shady spots to relax. In addition, there is a buffet and restrooms, so everything is provided for a pleasant splash.

Southern Church

The dog-friendly beach and campground is just 30km from the capital, on the shores of the Délégyháza lakes. The lake system of 8 lakes is not only perfect for dogs, but also offers many opportunities for anglers who want to relax and water sports enthusiasts. Tent sites, log houses, and buffets ensure comfort. Free Wi-Fi is available in the camping area, and children are welcome on the playground. There is also a fencing turf soccer field, tennis court and basketball court.


The 1.5-2km stretch of beach at Dunakeszi, located in the Rév, offers an excellent opportunity for residents of Budapest and the surrounding area. Here, owners can play with their pets. The water is clear, it deepens slowly, and there are small pebbles on the shore.

Image courtesy of kutyakajá

More dog friendly beaches

Although most of the wet places are near Lake Balaton, there are also great spots in the rest of the country. We show these too.


The dog-friendly beach in Tiszafüred, that is, the Mancsos Panchsoló area, is shaded by trees that provide a pleasant cooling on the beach, and the buffet line can be reached in a few minutes’ walk. A 150m beach is provided for beachgoers with dogs, so there is plenty of space on the lake shore. In addition, the area is fenced, so it is also very safe.


A dog-friendly campsite awaits owners and their four-legged pets on the shores of Lake Velence. Huge green area, long beach and catering units guarantee unforgettable experiences and delicious snacks.


The stretch of beach accessible from the Adventure Pool has a bit of a natural atmosphere, but is perfect for a quick getaway! The special feature is that there is a synthetic turf dog ramp, which we think is awesome! Fortunately, there is also a trash can so that we can properly store dirty things.


Not many people know that this option has been available since 2017. Fully fenced area with shallow water for four-legged friends: ideal for small and large dogs.

St. John’s wort

Part of the free beach, the stretch of beach below Árnyas part buffet, can also be visited with dogs. In the past, there have been many conflicts with the locals, so if you visit here, pay special attention to your dog’s behavior so that dogs can still visit. Fortunately, there is plenty of shade in the area!


Kőszeg Dog Beach opened its doors in 2019. Here, our dog can not only swim, but also tire himself out in an agility course. The water gradually deepens, so even dogs who are new to swimming can have a great time. The area is fenced in and there is some shade, but bringing an umbrella never hurts.

The shooter is still

The 35-hectare lake and dog-friendly beach offer exciting opportunities for visitors, just half an hour’s drive from Zalaegerszeg. A campsite around the lake offers the possibility to pitch tents and rent a log cabin.

I cut you off

It is the only pond in Szabolcs County where dog owners are welcome. However, only dogs can take a shower here. The spa can only be visited by prior arrangement between May and September, or by signing up for separately advertised Facebook programs. It is possible to rent the entire pond, or even a smaller one.

We can also tire our pets in a smaller agility course. Although there is no separate ramp, the water is easily accessible through a slow gravel descent. The area is completely fenced, so it is possible to play safely.


In 2020, they decided to develop the free beach in Szolnok, and as a result, the dog beach section was also completed. Here, nice umbrellas and a sandy beach are available to the visitors. However, the area is not fenced in, so it is important that our dogs are kept on a long leash or they can be retrieved.

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