In the world of fairies we can embark on an expedition in the tactics of Reverie Knights

In the world of fairies we can embark on an expedition in the tactics of Reverie Knights


Fantasy adventure RPG coming in January.

12/16/2020 21:00 | Jax | Category: game

It will arrive in January Reverie Knights TacticsStory-driven, tactical RPG. The hand-drawn 2D fantasy world will be available on multiple platforms.

With the guidance of our hero team in the game, we set out to search for the fictional city of Lennorien to rescue those we’ve lost and combat the menacing spread of the Elf hordes. You can watch a preview of the epic adventure here.

The evolution of the history of Reverie Knights tactics will depend on our choices, so we need to choose wisely from among the options available. With our Special Abilities team, we can roam the map and create new items and accessories from existing treasures. Our character is customizable, from its performance to its complementary strength.

In turn-based battles, you can take turns controlling up to 4 heroic characters, each with unique characteristics, providing endless strategic options. We can also modify the network-based battlefields of Reverie Knights tactics in a visual novel style to create conditions that are more favorable to us.

The game will be released on January 25, 2022 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, as well as next-generation consoles, thanks to its backward compatibility. For those who want to try it out on PC before it comes out, Steam Prologue version available for free. ■

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