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In the wake of the Abáczai days: Széchenyi István University researchers have come up with a study group

In the wake of the Abáczai days: Széchenyi István University researchers have come up with a study group

It was published by nearly 90 researchers from the Széchenyi István University in Győr. “Future Fueled by the Past – Tradition and Development” Title Twenty-fifth. A study volume selected from the lectures of the Scientific Conference of the Days of the Nuns Available completely online. The scientific work includes 60 studies.

Twelve subject areas are offered, from human resource consulting, natural sciences, humanities and philosophy, community values, special pedagogy and speech therapy, communication and linguistics, international studies to sociology, pedagogy and educational sciences, and diaspora studies.

In the fall of 2021, the Abáczai Csere János College at the University of Széchenyi István announced and organized the 25th Academic Conference of the Abácza Days. As a guideline for the event “Future Fueled by the Past – Tradition and Development” The sentence, which expresses a value-centered way of thinking, which with the help of an organized faculty looks forward based on its traditions. This is why the choice of study size title was also straightforward.

Dr. Attila Bongrach, Dean of the College and Responsible Publisher of the volume, said:: “As a result of several months of extensive editorial work, we are pleased to announce that the 25th Congress has been organized as part of the Hungarian Science Festival series of events. It has created a selection of monographs from the lectures of the Nuns Days Scientific Conference. Fortunately, last year enabled us to hold our conference in the form of attendance , which also had an online Diaspora section, so – for the first time in the history of our conference series – Hungarians of the world could join hands and provide an account of the very valuable work done by specialists in teaching Hungarian language and culture in the Diaspora many decades ago.”

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Regarding the publication of the volume, he added:Among other things, we contribute to the creation of a society based on knowledge and values, as well as to the future development fueled by the past.

Study size is available by clicking here >>

The backbone of the 244 years since the founding of Apáczai Csere János College of the University of Széchenyi has been the activity of human resource development, embodied mainly in teacher training. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, at the same time, the faculty is characterized by a dynamically developing range of bachelor’s and master’s programs that go beyond the field of teacher training to both social sciences and humanities disciplines, whose intellectual scope extends beyond the narrow region to the entire Carpathian Basin and even with Training and research activities aimed at serving the Hungarian diaspora, it covers the whole world.

In this study volume, we offer writings and ideas from this extensive and value-producing work, also cultivated as a profession, from our colleagues’ treasury and professional network, confident that they serve to build and develop all of us. Brigadier General indicated.

Interesting fact about the conference

xxv. Report on the Scientific Conference of the Days of the Nuns by clicking here readable. It is interesting that the opening of the conference was attended by Tímea Széchenyi, President of the Gróf Széchenyi Family Foundation, who signed Dr. With Chancellor Zsolt Kovács and Dr. Strategic cooperation agreement with University President Zoltán Péter Baranyi, under which the relationship between the institution and the University of István Széchenyi is strengthened in order to nurture the intellectual heritage of the Széchenyi people.

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