In the video, the devastating attack of the fearsome TB2 drone: Russian troops injured

In the video, the devastating attack of the fearsome TB2 drone: Russian troops injured

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the alleged attack took place in Chernobyl, north of Hersonissos. It is not clear when the plague occurred. In recent days, fierce fighting has broken out in Hersonissos between Ukrainian fighters and Russian forces trying to advance across the Dnieper River.

The Ukrainian Air Force confirms that Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones hit two Russian targets, proving Kyiv’s effective use of drones against occupying forces in Moscow. The Wall Street Journal.

The Ukrainian Air Force posted a video on Facebook on Sunday morning claiming a successful strike by a US military drone. CNN.

The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Mykola Olichuk, described the Bayraktar TB2 aircraft as a “rescue guard” in a Facebook post.

A video posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian embassy in Ankara showed a convoy of more than a dozen vehicles engulfed in a cloud of fire and smoke. The embassy also tweeted two other videos from the window of a moving vehicle showing charred wreckage of military vehicles.

The embassy called the strike “divine justice” over a Russian airstrike that killed 34 Turkish soldiers in Syria that day two years ago.

According to the Belarusian news portal NEXTA, the photo shows the destruction of the Russian Buk air defense system.

Ukraine has acquired Turkish-made drones since 2019 to use its high-performance cameras to monitor the battlefield and correct laser artillery strikes. TB2 can stay in the air for 24 hours and has a height limit of approximately 7,620 metres. The drone can be controlled from a distance of about 300 kilometers, weather permitting.

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Cover image source: NEXTA / Twitter

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