In the United States, the incidence of the delta variant has risen to 83 percent

20.07.2021. 21:55

In the United States, the American news agency AP reported, citing US health officials, that the estimated proportion of so-called delta virus variants of Indian origin rose from 50 to 83% in 17 days in recent cases of coronavirus.

And the American news channel John Hopkins University reported that the epidemic continues to worsen in the country, with 32,000 new infections daily, an increase of 66 percent from the previous week and 145 percent more than two weeks ago. The number of deaths also rose by 13 percent in one week: 258 people had died of complications from the disease by Tuesday.

Currently, 25,000 require hospital treatment for coronavirus infections, up 26 percent from last week and 50 percent more than two weeks ago. A good percentage of 97 percent of them have not been vaccinated, which means that less than 3 percent of them are hospitalized despite being vaccinated. Only 0.5 percent of those killed in the epidemic are vaccinated, and 99.5 percent of those who do not vaccinate themselves.

However, the vaccination rate has slowed dramatically. 56.1 percent of the US population has received a dose so far, and 48.6 percent have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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