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In the UK, the Indian trans is being watched with concern: Another austerity may come

In some parts of England, social distancing rules may be re-imposed if necessary due to the spread of British mutants. Recently, 1,313 new cases caused by the mutated coronavirus were found in India, up from 520 cases on May 5.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is currently no evidence that the Indian variant causes more serious disease or circumvents the protection afforded by vaccines. However, it has also been argued that decision-makers cannot rule out the possibility of a local lockdown if vaccines prove not to protect against the virus.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said we will closely monitor the situation and will not hesitate to take further measures. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a similar statement on Thursday, who also did not rule out the possibility of a local lockdown: “This is a worrisome form, and it is a cause for concern.”

Johnson did not say that the planned lifting of restrictions would stop because of this. The next important step in easing will follow on May 17th.

So far, 36 million people in the UK have received at least their first vaccinations, and health authorities say the vaccines have saved 11,700 lives so far. According to the Ministry of Health, the administration of the second doses will be speeded up.

In the UK, there is growing concern about the opening scheduled for Monday and the Indian shift. The numbers are low but increasing and many people are still not immune.

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