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In the UK, more than a thousand migrants were arrested or rescued at sea over the weekend

Immigration pressure is mounting on the English Channel, with more than a thousand migrants arrested or rescued at sea by British authorities over the weekend. At the same time, the French interior minister urged the British to transfer the promised tens of millions of euros to help protect the border. British politician Nigel Farage complains that the Volunteer Coast Guard is doing the work of the British Coast Guard – Writes V4NA is an international news agency.

Last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, 1,115 migrants were rescued from sea or captured at sea by British authorities, and the French prevented more than 400 people from crossing into England.

Illegal immigration in the island nation is a growing problemSource: AP

The According to a French news portal, 624 people were rescued at sea on Friday and 491 on Saturday, all trying to reach British shores by boat. The newspaper also reported that, according to the British Home Office, French authorities prevented 300 people on Friday and 114 on Saturday from entering England.

According to data collected by the British news agency PA, more than 17,000 migrants have managed to reach England by boat since the beginning of the year, a terribly high number, more than double the number of illegal crossings registered in 2020. Illegal immigration has been a major source of tension between Britain and France for some time, which British Home Secretary Priti Patel and French Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin have agreed on on several occasions in recent times.

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Gerald Darmanin, the French Interior Minister, who visited the northern coastal town of Loon-Plage in northern France over the weekend, called for the negotiation of the EU-UK migration treaty, urging an agreement to be reached at the earliest. possible. Darmanin also asked the British government to honor its previous commitments and transfer the 62.7 million euros it had previously promised to the French to support border protection. We call on the British to fulfill their promise of funding as we are keeping the cap on them.” The French Interior Minister said in his speech.

However, Gerald Darmanen also examined Belgian border protection, saying that 50 percent of migrants arriving in Nord and Pas-de-Calais arrive in France from France, tightening controls on borders and main roads, adding that more than 4,000 people were arrested in September. juice.

The French authorities asked the Belgian leadership to help rescue migrants who had landed at sea, so Belgium launched an NH90 helicopter from Coccidi Air Base to help migrants trying to cross the English Channel after a boat sank at sea with 38 people on board. The Lviv B According to a Belgian news portal, everyone was safely rescued from the water, and several were taken to hospital with severe hypothermia.

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British politician Nigel Farage also monitors the growing wave of immigration, who regularly reports on events, most recently on Twitter, who says that the events of an ordinary day can be seen in Kent off the coast of Britain, namely those boats coming from migrants arriving at sea.

According to Farage, ships of the Royal National Lifeboat Foundation (RNLI) Voluntary Landing Service have sailed six times to rescue the migrants. According to the British politician, volunteers are doing the work instead of the British Coast Guard, but they are no longer able to do this for a long time, they are under great pressure.

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